Challenge 2015
Challenge Leader: Helen Buchanan
Challenge Theme: "25"

In honor of the guild's 25th Anniversary, Helen Buchanan chose a theme of "25" for the 2015 challenge.
The entry needed to reflect the number 25 in some way; such as, 25 inches, 25 colors, 25 blocks, etc.

The quilts were viewed and voted on by the membership at the December Luncheon.
The winners were... 1st Place: Marian Klimaczak, 2nd Place: Eloise Vass, and 3rd Place: Joyce Moorman.

15challenge 001 15challenge 002 15challenge 003 15challenge 004 15challenge 005
15challenge 006 15challenge 007 15challenge 008 15challenge 009 15challenge 010
15challenge 011 15challenge 012 15challenge 013 15challenge 014  

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