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2007 Block of the Month / Quilt in a Year

The project Statement was " Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown and our state of Virginia" and our Committee Chairperson was Susan Palmer. The fabric color and print choice was left up to each quilter. Ten blocks were taught, but the individual quilter was free to do as many or as few as she pleased. She could do all of them and have a bed sized quilt, or some of them and have a wall hanging.

Many of the finished quilts were entered in the 2008 Quilt Show. View a slide show of the 2007 Block of the Month Quilts. (Close the slide show window to return to this page.)

Each instructor made two blocks, one to keep and one to donate for a quilt to be given away as the 2008 Quilt Show Grand Door Prize Quilt. View the Grand Door Prize Quilt.  

Patterns and instructions for these blocks are in a folder in the guild library and may be signed out by members.

  Blocks and Instructors for 2007
January Sue Dixon Star of VA  
February Sandra Ferguson Virginia Reel Instructions & Photos
March Jan Hagen
Dottie Wilson
Virginia Worm Fence (aka Split Rail Fence) Instructions & Photos
April Sue Palmer
Sandy Horan
A Jamestown Block done in "Redwork" style Bring your own fabric (16"x 20"), iron on the pattern. More Details
May Jan Hagen
Dottie Wilson
Virginia Lily Instructions & Photos
June Betty Hatfield Virginia Rose Instructions and Pattern
July JoAnna Renkowski
Cindy Clark
Jacob's Ladder photo of finished block
August Avis Withers Cardinal on Dogwood photo of finished block
September Joyce Noell
Sue Dixon
Virginia Block  
October Anne Whalen
Sandy Horan
Tobacco Plant photo of finished block
  Sashings and Borders