2013 Challenge Quilt

Our Challenge: Use the Full Spectrum of the Color Wheel

Our Challenge Leader: Cindy Stachelski

The Challenge Quilts were viewed and voted on by members at the Holiday Luncheon on December 10, 2013. There were 41 entries.

View a slide show of all the entries. They are in random order. (The webmaster/photographer missed a couple, for which she apologizes)

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Our challenge was to use the full spectrum of the color wheel... all the colors of the rainbow. We could use just the 7 main rainbow shades (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) and/or all the shades in between. Black or White could be added as a background if desired. Ideally the colors were to be in rainbow order, but not all quilts allow that to happen and that was ok, too.