Community Service

2012 Charity Bee Deliveries

Year End Recap of Charity Deliveries
--Submitted by Marnie Brush

Members of Lake Quilters Guild were very busy last year working on charity items. Over 700 different items were donated to various charitable organizations in Franklin and Bedford counties. The guild has received several thank you notes from these organizations expressing how thankful they are for these much needed items and how they make such a difference in the lives of the recipients. The Charity Committee would like to thank each member who has taken the time to make and donate the various bears, pillow pals, pillow cases, pillows, wheelchair bags, various size quilts, nursing home bibs, Christmas stockings and knitted items last year. Let’s keep up the good work and see if we can’t beat the 2012 total in 2013!

Listed below are the donation totals by county:

Franklin County 2012 donations: 116 bears, 42 pillow pals, 84 pillow cases, 5 pillows, 14 wheelchair bags, 34 quilts, 140 Christmas stockings and 12 knitted items. (447 total)

Bedford County 2012 donations: 78 bears, 46 pillow pals, 38 pillow cases, 3 pillows, 27 wheelchair bags, 44 quilts, 6 tote bags, 3 bibs, 8 Christmas stockings and 11 knitted items. (264 total)

November Charity Happenings Update by Marlyn Curnow

July Intake:

4 Lap Quilts August: 15 Bears
1 Twin Size Quilt 5 Quilts
8 Pillow Pals 3 Bibs
4 Bears
Sept: 8 Bears 2 Pillow Cases
1 Pillow Pal 2 Bibs
3 Lap Quilts 8 Walker bags
3 Baby Quilts 3 Totes
29 Christmas Stockings

At our October Meeting Marlyn had the honor to introduce the South Side Bee and congratulate them on an outstanding job on donations for our Charity giving. Their members are Linda Quinn, Rose Ann Smith, Irene Capps, Teena Livsey, Sharon Reilly, Barbara Dill, Barbara Armstrong, Regina Cosgrove, Betty Hatfield, and Mary Hamlin. Their accomplishments are as follows: Christmas Stockings 27, Wheel Chair Bags 47, Pillow Pals 11, Pillow Cases 25, and Quilts 3. Thank you again for your time and efforts.


Oct. 29

Sandra Ferguson delivered the follow to Franklin County Locations:

Franklin Co. Hospital Emergency Room: 14 Bears
CASA: 7 Bears, 5 Pillow Pals, 6 Pillowcases
Franklin County Sheriff's Office: 12 Bears
Franklin County Foster Care: 4 Large Quilts w/Matching Cases, 4 Large Quilts, 4 Knit Hats, 12 Pillow Cases, 5 Pillow Pals
Franklin County Domestic Violence Shelter: 17 Pillowcases, 5 Hats, 1 Knit Headband, 2 Baby Quilts, 1 Baby Afghan, 7 Pillow Pals, 4 Large Quilts
Franklin Healthcare Nursing Home: 8 Pillow Pals, 4 Lap Quilts, 5 Wheelchair Bags, 2 Shawls Franklin County Hospice: 3 Lap Quilts, 4 Wheelchair Bags.

Linda Rogers volunteers at the Franklin County Memorial Hospital. At a luncheon recently the Hospital CEO, Bill Jacobsen expressed their appreciation for the Bears that our Guild donates to them for the emergency room. On October 29th 14 Bears were delivered to the emergency room but they were out! Yikes – we needed to get more to them. Linda volunteered to pick up the bears and delivery them to the hospital. They were given 31 more bears. Thank you Linda.

Nov. 16

Katherine Lewis took over 100 Christmas stockings to STEP in Rocky Mount.

Sandra Ferguson delivered the following to Bedford County Locations:

Bedford Social Services: 17 bears, 8 quilts, 8 pillowcases
Bedford Hospital Emergency room: 10 pillow pals, 20 bears
Bedford County Nursing Home: 2 bibs, 15 wheelchair bags, 4 lap quilts
Bedford Hospice: 8 wheelchair bags, 5 lap quilts
Bedford Domestic Violence Center: 10 quilts, 10 pillowcases, 7 knit caps, 4 prs. knit mittens, 1 knit bib, 5 bears, 5 pillow pals, 8 Christmas stockings, and 4 tote bags.

--If we have any knitters or crocheters we need mittens and hats. We had very few donated this year. Please help. Thanks for your help.

Monday Oct. 29 - Report by Sandra Ferguson

Franklin Co. Hospital emergency room 14 bears
CASA 7 bears, 5 pillow pals, 6 pillowcases
Franklin County Sheriff's Office 12 bears
Franklin County Foster Care 4 large quilts with matching cases, 4 large quilts, 4 knit hats, 12 pillow cases, 5 pillow pals
Franklin County Domestic Violence shelter 17 pillowcases, 5 hats, 1 knit headband, 2 baby quilts, 1 baby Afghan, 7 pillow pals, 4 large quilts
Franklin Healthcare nursing home 8 pillow pals, 4 lap quilts, 5 wheelchair bags, 2 shawls
Franklin County Hospice 3 lap quilts, 4 wheelchair bags.

This is our inventory as of this morning after the delivery:
15 pillow pals, 7 bags of bears (about 80-100), 47 wheelchair bags, 29 pillow cases, 21 lap quilts, 2 large quilts with matching cases, 2 nursing home bibs

As you can see, we are getting short on large quilts and pillow pals, and have no totes or knit items and only a couple of bibs for the Bedford County Home. Bedford Foster Care has requested 20-30 quilts a year if we can manage it, although they may get some from the Bedford quilt guild.

We hope to do a Bedford delivery soon. Thanks, Sandra Ferguson.

May, 2012

Our supplies are about ½ gone due to deliveries that we have made. The delivers are as follows:

Bedford delivered by Marcia Wright:
Social Services: 12 bears, 14 pillow pals, 10 pillowcases, 2 twin quilts and 5 lap quilts
Hospital: 15 bears, 10 pillow pals
Hospice: 4 lap quilts, 3 pillows, 3 bears, 1 pillow pal
Domestic Violence Center: 3 twin quilts, 3 lap quilts, 10 pillowcases, 2 totes, 6 bears, 6 pillow pals

Franklin County delivered by Sandy Kelso, Donna Broomall and Marlyn Curnow:
Hospice: 4 wheel chair bags, 5 small pillows, 2 lap quilts
FC Family Resource Center: 2 toddler quilts, 1 child quilt, 1 adult quilt, 20 pillowcases and 10 bears
Rocky Mount Hospital ER: 12 pillow pals, 12 bears
FC Social Services: 4 quilts, 20 pillowcases, 12 bears
Sheriff's Office: 12 bears
CASA: 5 pillowcases, 6 bears
Trinity Mission: 5 pillow pals, 3 quilts, 5 wheel chair bags
FC Health & Rehabilitation: 5 pillow pals, 3 quilts, 5 wheel chair bags

We will have kits available for the pillow pals and bears available at the Guild meeting. We also could use more wheel chair bags and as always quilts, small pillows and standard pillowcases. The pillowcases with the draw string are really nice to keep things from falling out if being used to transport belongings.

Happy Stitching,
Marlyn Curnow