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Purple Heart Quilt Honors Women Recipients of the Purple Heart Award

Holding Susan Palmer's "Purple Heart Quilt" are Susan Palmer (left) and Cindy Clark (right). Susan designed and made the quilt and Cindy did the machine quilting.

Here is the story in Susan's own words:

The NFRW - National Federation of Republican Women - are honoring the women recipients of the Purple Heart. Two years ago, when they honored the women veterans of the Korean War, they could not find a quilter to do Virginia's banner and another state did ours.

I got an email about this 2011 project, actually the third email, still asking if anyone wanted to make the banner, and I did not hesitate. I have had the good fortune to know several WASPs, the Woman Air Service Pilots of WWll. It took 30-40 yrs for our government to recognize these brave gals and give them the benefits they deserve. That's why this project is near to my heart - to honor the sacrifices of all the women who serve.

The four corner blocks are Jacob's Ladder, the side blocks are The Star of Virginia and Virginia Reel ( Dutchmen's Puzzle) and the medal itself was created by George Washington. The label on the back is the same state outline we used for the 400th Anniversary quilt. Cindy Clark did all the machine quilting, fantastic as usual.

At the convention in Kansas City, MO, September 29 - October 2, 2011, they will have 50 quilts, one from every state, and a written paper on where they will be displayed...."the Women's Purple Heart Quilt Trail". It is my hope that this quilt will permanently hang at the VA Hospital in Salem.

Susan Palmer

Note: as of October 2011, the quilt does indeed hang in the Veteran's Hospital in Salem.