Community Service


2008 Charity Distributions

 October Distributions
On Friday, Nov. 14, Sandy Kelso and Sandra Ferguson traveled to Rocky Mount to distribute items to various charities. When we walked in the emergency room of the hospital, we were greeted with, "Hallelujah! We really need those!" At the sheriff's office, a detective expressed gratitude for our bears and pillow pals. He said they were so much help, especially when they had a domestic situation with small children. At the Women's Shelter and Foster Care, they were delighted with all the quilts, pillowcases, sweaters, caps and mittens we'd brought.

 September Distributions
On September 4, Sandy Kelso, Alice Vreeland and Sandra Ferguson gathered up as much stuff as they could fit in the car and headed for Rocky Mount. They distributed 51 pillow pals, 12 bears, 18 quilts, 9 sweaters, 2 caps, 6 pairs of mittens, 6 tote bags, and 20 wheelchair bags. The items were delivered to the Family Resource Center (battered women's shelter), Hospice, Franklin County Hospital Emergency Room, Franklin Healthcare Center, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, and Social Services (foster care).

July Distributions
In July Katherine Lewis and two of her friends made the following contributions to Bedford County:
Bedford Social Services: 28 toiletry bags, 10 quilts and 20 pillow cases.
Hospice: 5 lap quilts, 5 wheelchair bags and 5 tote bags.
Bedford County Nursing Home: 7 wheelchair bags and 23 bibs.

 April Distributions
On Wednesday, April 9th, Marsha Wright and Katherine Lewis traveled to Bedford and distributed the following charity items:
Bedford Hospice, 10 wheelchair bags, 6 quilts
Bedford Domestic Violence Center, 35 toiletry bags, 12 bears, 6 pillow pals, 4 quilts
Bedford County Nursing Home, 20 wheelchair bags
Bedford Social Services, 20 bears, 6 pillow pals, 4 quilts
The same day, Sandy Kelso and Sandra Ferguson met Irene Capps and Teena Livesay in
Rocky Mount and they distributed the following:
Franklin County Sheriff's department, 14 bears, 7 pillow pals
Franklin County Hospice, 4 quilts
Franklin County Social Services, 13 bears, 4 quilts, 5 sweaters, 12 pillow pals
Franklin County Healthcare, 2 quilts, 10 wheelchair bags
Franklin County (Carilion) Hospital emergency room, 13 bears, 5 pillow pals, (30 bears were delivered after the February meeting)
STEP (Head Start) 17 bears
CASA, 14 bears
Family Resource Center (Battered Women's Shelter) 20 bears
Rocky Mount Police, 12 bears
Trinity Mission Health and Rehab Center, 2 quilts, 10 wheelchair bags