Community Service

2013 Charity Bee Deliveries

December Charity Report (submitted by Sandra Ferguson)

The Charity Committee would like to thank each member who has taken the time to make and donate the various bears, pillow pals, pillow cases, pillows, wheelchair bags, quilts, nursing home bibs, Christmas stockings and knitted items last year. We hope you will continue to be as generous with your donations in 2014 so we can continue to support our many charities in both counties.

Listed below are the total donations delivered in 2013:

Franklin County: 193 bears, 118 pillow pals, 21 pillow cases, 17 wheelchair bags, 57 quilts, 5 tote bags, 101 Christmas stockings and 22 knitted items. (534 total)
Bedford County: 76 bears, 38 pillow pals, 24 pillow cases, 3 pillows,48 wheelchair bags, 60 quilts, 30 bibs, 18 knitted items and 5 miscellaneous items (toys). (302 total)

October Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

The following items were delivered to Bedford County charities in October by Sandra and Marnie:

Bedford Shelter - 2 baby quilts, 2 twin quilts, 8 pillowcases, 6 pillow pals, 10 knit caps, 1 doll, 1 child seat, laundry basket of toys
Bedford Hospice - 22 lap quilts and 10 wheelchair bags
Bedford Nursing Home - 5 lap quilts, 10 bibs and 10 wheelchair bags
Bedford Hospital - 15 bears
Bedford Foster Care - 3 large quilts, 1 twin quilt, 4 pillowcases, 6 pillow pals and 5 knitted caps
Total - 122 items

Items Received by the Charity Committee During October:

7 lap quilts
1 twin quilt
4 pillowcases
14 bears
6 pillow pals
3 knitted caps
3 stuffed animals
6 Christmas stockings
1 child seat
1 laundry basket of toys
Total-46 items

Thank you to all who so generously donated their time and supplies to make all the quilts, pillowcases, bears, pillow pals, bibs, wheelchair bags, Christmas stockings and knitted items which were distributed to our charities in Franklin and Bedford Counties this year. With your help we were able to donate 22 lap quilts to Bedford Hospice to continue their "12 Days of Christmas" program. We also donated some stuffed animals, toys and miscellaneous household items to Bedford Domestic Shelter to help families in need. Throughout the year we made and distributed about 1,000 items to all our charities. We have received many thank you notes from the receiving organizations who have expressed how very much our donations are appreciated. Thank you again to all and we hope to continue these efforts again in 2014.

Sandra and Marnie

September Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Items donated to Franklin County charities in September by Sandra and Marnie:

Perinatal Education Center- 6 baby quilts and 4 pillow pals
Franklin County Hospice- 3 lap quilts and 7 wheel chair bags
Foster Care- 4 quilts with 4 pillowcases and 6 pillow pals
CASA- 6 pillow pals
Total- 40 items

Items Received by the Charity Committee at the September Meeting:

2 large quilts, 1 twin size quilt, 5 lap quilts, 2 pillow pals, 1 pillowcase, 6 wheel chair bags, 2 totes and 40 Christmas stockings- total 59 items

Thank you to all who continue to be so generous with their time and donations. Special thanks to Suzanne Given for the 40 Christmas stockings and the Bag Ladies Bee for their multiple donations again this month. We are now pretty much set for this year's Christmas with over 200 Christmas stockings on hand. We have also collected the 22 quilts we promised Bedford Hospice for their Christmas giving so thank you to all who so generously donated the beautiful lap quilts we are sending. We are now low on bears so, if you can, pick up a kit or two at our meeting and see if you can't get them finished and returned before the end of the year. Marnie and Sandra.

August Charity Report
(submitted by Marnie Brush)

Items delivered by Marnie Brush 8/20/13:

Carilion Rocky Mount Emergency Room - 15 bears and 20 pillow pals

Items Received by the Charity Committee at the August Meeting:

2 lap quilts, 2 baby quilts, 4 wheel chair bags, 7 Christmas stockings, 20 pillow pals, 4 pillowcases, 4 twin quilts, 32 bibs and 1 tote-total 76 items

Special thanks to Betty Huffman for the 32 bibs she brought in, the River Queen Bee, Bag Ladies Bee and Material Girls Bee for their quilt donations and the Southside Bee for the quilt, pillowcase and matching tote they made. If your bee has not donated a twin quilt yet please try to do so by year end so we can meet the needs of our local charities. We are also in need of bears again as we continue to deliver a lot of them, almost monthly, to Carilion Rocky Mount Emergency Room. The nurses there have told us how our colorful bears go a long way to calm a frightened child when they come into the hospital for emergency care. Thank you again to all who have so generously donated there time to make these items and help members of our community.

Sandra and Marnie

July Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Items delivered by Marnie Brush and Sandra Ferguson on 7/19/13:

Bedford Nursing Home-10 bibs, 10 wheelchair bags
Bedford Hospital-15 bears, 10 pillow pals
Bedford Hospice-2 quilts, 6 wheelchair bags
Bedford Foster Care-4 quilts with pillowcases, 3 bears, 2 pillow pals
Bedford Domestic Violence-1 double quilt with p/case, 1 twin quilt with p/case, 4 baby quilts, 6 pillowcases, 6 bears, 2 pillow pals

Items Received by the Charity Committee in June:

The following items were collected at our June meeting: 35 pillowcases,10 lap/baby quilts, 2 twin quilts with pillowcases, 3 wheelchair bags, 53 bears, 3 pillow pals, 8 tote bags and 1 chemo hat. Special thanks to the Piecemakers Bee and the Bag Ladies Bee for their large group donations. Also a big thanks to Suzanne McLaughlin and friend Mary for the donation of 50 colorful bears.

We are half way through the year and we are continuing to collect lap quilts to be donated to Bedford Hospice for their “12 Days of Christmas”
Program. We have committed to give 25 quilts to this very worthwhile program which will definitely brighten the Christmas holidays for its participants.

We are still in need of the following items: pillowcases and twin-sized quilts. If every bee could donate a quilt and every guild member donate a pillowcase, we can probably satisfy the needs of most of the charities we support in Franklin and Bedford Counties this year.

If anyone is interested in helping deliver donations, please contact Marnie or Sandra. We have been trying to make deliveries to both counties at least once a quarter or more often if requested by a specific charity. It is a heart-warming experience to see the joy on the faces of our charity recipients when we come to deliver all the wonderful items donated by our guild members. Thanks for all your continued support and hard work which makes this all possible.

June Charity Report (submitted by Sandra Ferguson)

Items Received last month: 2 pillowcases, 22 pillow pals, 5 tote bags, 4 wheelchair bags, 1 baby quilt, 8 lap quilts, 1 twin quilt, 3 twin quilts w/pillowcases, 1 double quilt w/pillowcase. --A big thanks to Lucy Ricardo who sent the pillow pals. They were adorable and loaded with Lucy's creative touches.

There are still several things out from our quilt in at the March meeting. Several people took home bears to finish, and we really need to get them completed, as well as pillow pals and baby quilts that were started then. We had taken 40 items to the emergency room in March, and they were completely out when we went last week. Please see if you can make us some pillow cases. The pattern is on the web site, and it only takes a few minutes to complete a pillow case. If you go to "Community Service" and scroll down to 2011, you will find the pattern. We are trying to accumulate lap quilts for Bedford Hospice, and can always use them, as well as twin sized ones for the shelters and foster care.

Charity Items Distributed to Franklin County Charities by Mary Hamlin and Sandra Ferguson:

Social Services (foster care): 7 bears, 5 pillow pals, 4 quilts, 2 pillowcases.
CASA: 12 bears
Sheriff's Department: 12 bears
Hospital emergency room: 25 bears, 15 pillow pals
Hospice: 3 lap quilts, 4 wheelchair bags.
Shelter: 2 large quilts, 5 small quilts, 3 pillow cases, 4 pillow pals, 2 baby blankets.
Perinatal Education Center*: 4 baby quilts, 4 pillow pals, 6 bears.

*The Perinatal Education Center is an addition to our list in Rocky Mount. It is run by Amy Pendleton, a lovely lady who is trying to help poor mothers with their pregnancies and newborns. She has outfitted a store front across from the hospital and has made it so warm and inviting. She provides classes and counseling.

May Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Charity Items Distributed to Bedford County Charities by Sandra & Marnie on April 19:

Bedford Social Services-6 bears, 6 pillow pals and 2 twin quilts
Bedford Hospital-25 bears
Bedford Hospice-6 wheel chair bags, 4 lap quilts and 3 pillows
Bedford Domestic Violence-1 puppet, 6 bears, 6 pillow pals, 4 baby quilts, 1 large quilt, 3 baby caps and 1 bag toiletries
Bedford Nursing Home-6 wheel chair bags, 10 bibs and 2 lap quilts

Charity Item Intake at the April Meeting:

There are still plenty of kits for pillow pals, bears, and tote bags available at the charity table at each meeting. Stop by and pick up a few.

Here is the count for items we received at the April meeting:
1 twin quilt with pillowcase
2 twin quilts
2 pillowcases
5 baby quilts
5 bears
16 pillow pals

April Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Charity Item Intake from the March Quilt-In:

pillow pals-39
wheel chair bags-26
travel-size pillows-2
baby quilts-13
lap quilts-12
large quilts-3
knitted caps-9
Xmas stockings-107
Total Intake: 394 Items

Charity Items Distributed on April 2:

Sandra, Mary Hamlin and myself made deliveries to the following Franklin County Agencies on April 2:

Rocky Mount Hospital ER-25 bears, 12 pillow pals
Franklin County Hospice-6 wheel chair bags, 3 lap quilts
CASA-10 bears, 6 pillow pals
Franklin County Sheriff's Dept.-18 bears
Franklin County Foster Care-3 lap quilts, 3 pillowcases, 4 knitted caps
Franklin County Family Resource Center-5 bears, 5 pillow pals, 3 totes, 6 knitted caps, 4 baby quilts, 4 lap quilts
Total Items Delivered: 117

January Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Items delivered by Sandra Ferguson in January:

Franklin County Domestic Violence Shelter- 5 quilts, 12 bears, 2 totes, 12 knitted caps, 9 pillowcases & 3 pair mittens
Rocky Mount Hospital ER- 18 bears & 12 pillow pals
Franklin County Sheriff's Office- 12 bears
CASA- 6 bears & 6 pillow pals

Charity item intake for January:

8 lap quilts
3 kitty pals
3 pillow pals