Community Service

2014 Charity Bee Deliveries

January Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Charity item intake for January:

32 pillowcases., 29 lap quilts, 1 large quilt, 2 baby quilts, 10 pillow pals, 17 bears, 1 frog, 48 hats and 45 stockings for a total of 185 items. Great start for the new year. Special thanks to the Buzzin Bees (53) and Shady Ladies (110) for the large number of donations from their members.

February Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

A big thank you to everyone who came to our Sew-In last month as it was a huge success. As many members had picked up patterns, cut out the bodies for both the old and new bears, then sewed them and made them ready for stuffing, we were able to complete over 250 bears and 31 pillow pals. Everyone seemed to enjoy working together stuffing, sewing the bears and pillow pals closed, then drawing faces on them and finishing them off with a pretty ribbon. We also got to enjoy our annual birthday cake. Thank you to the Hospitality Committee for arranging the refreshments for us.

All in all, we took in 270 bears, 31 pillow pals, 3 twin quilts, 5 small quilts, 2 lap quilts, 5 pillowcases, 6 wheel chair bags and 5 drawstring bags for a total of 327 items. We are now pretty much set with bears for the year and have another 65 bears cut out and ready for next year.

We have just received a request from CASA of Franklin County for large lap size quilts and colorful pillowcases to be distributed by them at Christmas time. They are especially needed by teen-age children in foster care. We hope to be able to fill their request by making lap quilts with a matching pillowcase, so please keep this in mind when working on your donations.

We are definitely off to a great start for 2014 as we have now received over 500 donated items in the last two months. As busy as our lives seem to be these days it is so heart-warming to see so many of our members take the time to make all these items which brighten the lives of others.

Marnie and Sandra

March/April Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

The following deliveries have been made so far this year to Franklin and Bedford Counties by Marnie Brush, Sandra Ferguson and Betty Huffman.

Delivered in March to Franklin County:
Franklin County Hospice-6 lap quilts, 6 wheel chair bags
CASA-5 pillow pals, 5 bears
Rocky Mount Hospital ER-50 bears
Franklin County Nursing Home-6 lap quilts, 6 wheel chair bags
Franklin County Sheriff's Office-25 bears
Franklin County Shelter-2 baby quilts (1 with pillow case), 3 large quilts, 1 throw and 6 pillowcases
Franklin County Perinatal Center-3 baby quilts, 5 pillow pals
Franklin County Social Services-4 large quilts with pillow cases, 5 bears and 5 pillow pals
Total-148 items

Delivered in April to Bedford County:
Bedford County Nursing Home-11 bibs, 8 wheel chair bags and 5 lap quilts
Bedford Hospital ER-50 bears
Bedford County Foster Care-3 large quilts with pillow cases, 4 pillow pals
Bedford County Shelter-8 pillow pals, 3 small quilts, 2 lap quilts, 1 large quilt and 10 pillow cases
Bedford County Hospice-5 lap quilts, 4 pillowcases
Total-117 items

May Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

These items were donated at the April meeting: 14 lap quilts, 2 small quilts, 1 large quilt, 1 twin quilt, 54 bears, 11 pillow pals, 23 totes, 11 pillowcases. A total of 117 items.

Thank you to all for your generosity, especially the Southside Bee which collectively donated 60 items and Betty Huffman who donated 22 tote bags. --Marnie, Sandra and Betty.

June/July Charity Report (submitted by Marnie Brush)

Intake: 11 bears, 2 small quilts and 2 wheelchair bags

The following deliveries were made in June by Marnie, Sandra, and Betty:

Franklin Memorial Hospital ER-25 bears, 6 pillow pals
Perinatal Center-5 small quilts, 5 bears, 5 pillow pals
Franklin County Hospice-10 bears, 2 quilts, 6 wheelchair bags
CASA-5 bears, 5 pillow pals
Franklin County Sheriff’s Offi ce-11 bears
Franklin County Shelter-4 bears, 2 pillow pals, 2 lap quilts, 1 large quilt
Franklin County Nursing Home-2 throws, 6 wheel chair bags
Franklin County Social Services-4 large lap quilts, 6 pillow cases, 3 large tote bags
Total: 115 items

August Charity Report

Thanks to everyone who keeps on supplying our charities with items. Our needs now are pillowcases and small quilts for CASA and Bedford Hospice Care. Both would like a number of them for Christmas. Twin and full sized quilts are always appreciated by the shelters and foster care. Pairs of pillowcases are also good for the shelters. We can always use totes and wheel chair bags as well. We still have enough bears for the rest of the year, but Pillow Pals are getting scarce, so if toys are your thing, how about making a few more.

Here is what we received at last meeting:

12 bibs, 82 wheelchair bags, 10 tote bags, 10 bears, 5 pillow cases, 2 small quilts and 3 lap quilts. 124 total

Special thanks to Betty Huffman for her large donation of 12 bibs and 70 wheelchair bags. We still need lap size quilts with a matching pillow case for our CASA Christmas distribution. Fabrics used should be suitable for youngsters or teens. Just a reminder: please leave a slip of paper with your name and donation if items are placed on the charity table before 12:30 PM on meeting day. We hate not knowing who to give credit to for all the wonderful donations we receive.

Marnie, Sandra and Betty

September Charity Report

Items donated at August meeting were:

7 lap quilts, 1 throw and 6 bears. Total=14

Items delivered August 19 to Franklin County by Marnie:

Franklin County Hospice-6 quilts. Total=6

Items delivered August 22 to Bedford County by Sandra, Marnie and Betty:

Bedford ER-23 bears and 7 pillow pals
Bedford Hospice-10 bears and 8 bibs
Bedford Nursing Home-4 quilts, 10 bears and 12 wheel chair bags
Bedford Shelter-2 quilts, 7 pillowcases, 10 bears. 10 knitted caps and 2 knitted headbands
Bedford Social Services-1 quilt with 1 pillowcase, 2 bears, 4 knitted caps and 3 toys

We are hoping to fill requests from Bedford County Hospice (for 20 lap quilts for their hospice patients at Christmas) and Franklin County CASA (for 10 lap quilts and 25 pillowcases) for Christmas. If you are able to donate any lap quilts or pillowcases to help fill these requests it would be greatly appreciated.

Marnie, Sandra and Betty

October Charity Report

Thank you to all those members who so generously donated items at the September meeting. Special thanks to Connie Lutz for the large donation of 8 quilts and 2 afghans. The items we received will go a long way to helping us fill our requests from Bedford Hospice and Franklin County CASA for the upcoming holiday season. (We still have until the November meeting to collect lap quilts and pillowcases for these 2 agencies.)

Here's what was collected last month:

12 bears, 7 pillowpals, 23 wheel chair bags, 2 Christmas stockings, 12 pillowcases, 2 small quilts, 2 afghans and 22 lap quilts
Total-82 items

Marnie, Sandra and Betty

November Charity Report

Here's what we took in at the October meeting: 1 small quilt, 7 lap quilts, 1 queen-size quilt, 1 pillowcase, 3 pillow pals, 3 wheel chair bags and 1 knitted sweater=17 items

The following items were delivered to Franklin County on November 13 by Sandra, Betty and Marnie:

Franklin Perinatal Center-4 small quilts and 5 bears
Franklin Memorial ER-30 bears and 8 chemo caps
Franklin County Shelter-1 lap quilt, 1 large quilt, 6 bears, 1 sweater and 8 knitted caps
Franklin County CASA-10 lap quilts, 8 pillowcases and 6 bears
Franklin County Foster Care-4 large quilts, 5 knitted caps and 5 large totes
Franklin County Sheriff's Office-12 bears and 3 pillow pals
Franklin County Hospice-10 wheel chair bags, 10 bears, 1 pillow pal and 3 large totes
Total= 141 items

Thank you to everyone who so generously donated charity items all year. Your gifts have gone a long way to help our recipients get through some very difficult times in their lives. Betty Huffman will be heading up the Charity committee next year. We hope our members will continue to be as generous with their donations as they have in the past so that Betty and her helpers can continue to provide items to all the agencies we visit in Franklin and Bedford counties.

Sandra, Marnie and Betty