Community Service

2015 Charity Bee Deliveries

January Charity Report

Charity item intake for January:

The following items were donated at the guild meeting on January 27, 2015: 4 Christmas stockings, 2 lap quilts, 2 baby quilts, 1 lap quilt with matching pillowcase, and 2 skeins of “fun fur” for pillow pal hair. Our reigning pillow pal champion, Lucy Ricardo, brought two huge bags full of her impish pals.

Thanks to Schoolhouse Fabrics in Floyd for their donation of roving or fiberfill and to Cathy Maycock for getting it to us. Now, it is up to us to stuff our little bears with lots of comfort and cheer before sending them on their way. See you Tuesday, February 24, at 9 a.m. ready to stuff and sew.

Betty Huffman and the Friendship Bee

March Charity Report

Lake Quilters are the “beary” best! The weather was cold and dreary but the quilters who came out to sew bears were such a cheery group. Before the birthday festivities began our charity table was filling up with the following items:
1 quilt w/matching pillowcase
7 lap quilts
12 knit caps
13 stocking kits
31 pillow pals (Shady Ladies)
13 Christmas stockings
3 bears

Katherine Lewis and Sue Wilson are making great progress toward the 200 stockings for Christmas 2015. Thanks also to Sandy Kelso and Karen Kesler for joining the effort. 169 bears were completed, thanks to the pre-sewn bears from several bees and those who brought their machines to sew up our bears for the stuffers and hand-sewing, bow tying, eye painting, label stitching ladies. We used up all the roving from Floyd Schoolhouse, plus several large bags of Polyfil that are no longer taking up shelf space in my storage room or the TEP storage space.

Betty Huffman and the Friendship Bee

April Charity Report

Intake: Thirty-seven stockings were donated at our March guild meeting! Christmas in July came early this year. We also received one quilt with matching pillowcase, one bear, five lap quilts, four baby quilts, two knit caps, and one pillow pal.

The following deliveries were made to Franklin County early in April:
Perinatal Center 5 baby quilts, 5 pillow pals
CASA 6 pillow pals, 6 bears
Franklin Memorial Hospital ER 50 bears
Hospice 6 lap quilts, 6 wheelchair bags
Social Services 4 quilts w/pillowcases, 5 bears, 5 pillow pals

Family Resource Center and the Sheriff’s Department will be visited after the guild meeting. Bedford County deliveries will be made the last week in April.

Betty Huffman and the Friendship Bee

May Charity Report

Intake: 33 stockings were donated (16 by the Bag Ladies Bee and 17 were not signed in)! We are very close to our goal of 200 stockings. Other items donated were: 2 bed quilts, 8 lap quilts, 3 pillow cases, 2 pillow pals, 1 quilt with matching case donated by the River Queen Bee made from fabric donated to the guild, 20 wheelchair bags and 2 fabric stamp kits for making quilt labels.

Bedford Deliveries in the past month:
Nursing Home 6 tote bags, 6 wheelchair bags, 5 lap quilts, 5 pillow pals
Social Services 5 bears, 5 pillow pals, 5 quilts with pillowcases
Hospice 6 lap quilts, 6 bibs, 5 pillow pals
Hospital ER 25 bears
Domestic Violence 10 pillowcases, 10 tote bags, toiletries

Betty Huffman and the Friendship Bee

June Charity Report

Intake: One hundred fifty-one items were donated at May’s meeting: 1 baby quilt, 9 lap quilts, 23 Bags of Hope, 11 pillow pals, 52 Christmas stockings and 55 Care Bears. Stop by the Charity table before the guild meeting to pick up a “new revised” version of the Care Bear or the Bag of Hope pattern.

Betty Huffman and the Friendship Bee