Community Service


For those of you who found it difficult to sew Pillow Pals together, here are a few modifications to the instructions: Get your arms and legs stuffed and ready to go. Lay out a piece of batting with the face on top. Starting at the top right hand corner, begin stitching as close to the edge of the fabric as you can, positioning each arm and leg as you go, and inserting a folded label on one of the lower sides. As you stitch across the top of the face, wrap the yarn hair around three fingers, laying the loops at the top and stitching. All this is done as you stitch the face to the batting. After stitching the back to the other piece of batting, pin right sides together across the top and sides, leaving the feet hanging out. Since only the arms need to be inside, it will be much easier to sew. After turning and stuffing (you can use torn up batting if you don't have fiberfill) turn under remaining seam and stitch the little guy across the butt. Since we need a lot of these, how about getting one kit, use the arms and legs as patterns, cut your batting, face and back about 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches and create a few additional ones. The most time consuming part is making and stuffing the arms and legs. If they are made of flannel or fleece, they are easier to do and don't require as much clipping. The heart can be attached with Heat'n'Bond. Any kind of yarn can be used for hair, or strips of rickrack or fabric. Draw a simple smiling mouth, eyes and brows and nose if desired using red and black magic markers. It is fairly simple to get an assembly line going, and you can make quite a few in a morning. Please help us get more of these popular toys ready for our charity organizations. They are all asking for them.

 Sandra Ferguson