Community Service

Charity Distributions for 2009 

 Total number of charity items provided and delivered by the Lake Quilters Guild Charity Bee in 2009:

196 Bears
103 Pillow Pals
111 Quilts - all sizes
  82 Wheelchair bags
  85 Totes (includes toiletry bags)
  60 Pillowcases
  60 Bibs
140 Christmas stockings
    5 Sweaters
  20 Hats
  12 Pair mittens

Charity items distributed in November, December 2009
Franklin County Hospital ER: 14 bears, 34 Pillow Pals
Franklin County Hospice: 4 lap quilts, 4 wheelchair bags
Franklin County Social Services: 5 bears, 5 lap quilts
Franklin County Resource Center: 14 bears, 4 lap quilts
Franklin County Health and Rehabilitation - 13 lap quilts
Trinity Mission Health and Rehab: 3 lap quilts, 4 wheelchair bags
Franklin County Sheriff's office: 4 bears, 1 quilt
Franklin County CASA: 5 bears
Franklin County STEP: 140 Christmas Stockings, 5 sweaters, 12 pr mittens, 20 hats
Bedford Hospital: 25 Pillow Pals

Charity Items Distributed in September
Bedford County Hospital: 8 pillow pals, 5 bears
Bedford Co.Domestic Violence: 6 quilts, 13 totes
Bedford Nursing Home: 7 bibs, 4 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags.
Bedford Co. Social Services: 14 quilts
Bedford Hospice: 5 totes, 5 wheel chair bags, 1 lap quilt
Franklin Co. Hospital: 24 pillow pals, 5 bears

Charity Items Distributed in May
Franklin County Hospital Emergency: 30 bears
Franklin County Hospice: 5 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags
Franklin County Social Services (foster care): 5 lap quilts, 10 pillowcases
Franklin County Resource Center (shelter): 5 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags
Trinity Mission Health and Rehab: 7 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags
Bedford County Hospital: 28 bears, 6 pillow pals
Bedford County Social Services: 10 pillowcases, 4 quilts
Bedford Hospice: 4 lap quilts, 7 tote/walker bags, 4 bed-sized quilts
Bedford County Domestic Violence Center: 10 totes, 2 bed-sized quilts

Members of the charity committee made the deliveries: Sandy Kelso, Alice Vreeland, Donna Broomall, Sandra Ferguson, Katherine Lewis, Marcia Wright

Charity Items Distributed in April: Franklin Memorial Hospital requested more bears and pillow pals, so Sandy Kelso dropped off 31 bears and 6 pillow pals. Also they had asked if they could have the pattern for the pillow pals, and that was given to them. No other deliveries were made in April, but the committee is hoping to do one in May.

Charity Items Distributed in March: Sandy Kelso and Donna Broomall got off to an early start on the deliveries. On March 4th, they delivered 41 bears, 5 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags, 3 walker bags, 20 pillowcases, and 10 tote bags. They said everyone was very appreciative, especially the shelter and the hospital emergency room. Another delivery is planned for April.

The February 2009 Meeting was our Charity Quilt-in. We needed to replenish our supply of bears, quilts, pillow pals, and wheelchair tote bags after our many 2008 charity donations. To see us at work view the February 2009 Slide Show on the Show and Tell page. Everyone was busy sewing, stuffing, making kits and learning new techniques. Marica Wright and Teena Livsey demonstrated a couple ways to use up scraps doing “Quilt as You Go.” They brought 28 kits to the meeting, and 23 were checked out. At the end of the day 94 bears were completed, 86 Bear kits and 72 Pillow Pal kits were made up. Katherine counted 69 stocking kits checked out.