Community Service

2010 Monthly Charity Committee Reports

End of the Year Report: In November, your charity committee cleaned out all the items stored in the church basement and delivered them in Bedford to Hospice, Social Services, County Nursing Home, Domestic Violence Shelter,and the Hospital; and in Franklin County to Social Services, Trinity Nursing Home, Hospice, Sheriff's Department, Resource Center (shelter), and the Hospital. For the year, we provided these agencies with the following:

Wheelchair bags...71
Quilts (all sizes)...73
Pillow Pals...97
Mittens...18 pr.
Christmas Stockings...105

November Charity Committee Report. Thanks to everyone who donated items at the October meeting. We collected one pillow pal, one lap quilt, 2 wheelchair bags, 11 totes, 2 sweaters, 4 pair mittens, and a small bag of toiletries. We will deliver items to Franklin County on November 19, and we're trying to set up a Bedford County delivery. We can always use twin bed sized quilts for teens. The Foster care agencies have requested that size.

October Charity Committee Report. All the busy charity bee folks brought in a big bunch of items which our charities will be so glad to get. This past month, we received 14 pillow pals, 2 lap quilts, 2 bibs, 14 Christmas stockings, 12 wheelchair bags, 14 tote bags, 1 sweater, 10 pair mittens, 10 knit caps, and 12 pillow cases. Someone graciously donated a whole bag of yarn, which we passed along to Lois Colburn for her to use in all those lovely knit items she makes. Thanks to everyone. We have plenty of Christmas stockings. We are pretty well supplied with tote and wheelchair bags, although we'll find a place for any more that you make. The big need right now is some twin size quilts in fab-rics that teens would like. Anything with cars or sports would be good for the boys, and the girls like bright colors. Won't you go through your stash and see if you have anything that might make a quilt for a foster teen? Just make it of big squares or strips, and tie it, if you can't get it quilted. We hope to make some distribution runs the first part of November. Contact Marcia Wright, Katherine Lewis, or Sandra Ferguson if you'd like to ride along. It is a very rewarding experience.

September Charity Committee Report.

Guild members have really been busy sewing lately. At the last meeting the committee received 13 pillow pals, 6 lap quilts, 52 wheelchair bags, 2 totes, and 46 pillow cases.

Katherine Lewis delivered 30 bibs to the Bedford County nursing home.

The following donations were received in Franklin County:
Hospice: 4 lap quilts, 10 wheelchair bags
Hospital Emergency Room: 25 pillow pals
Healthcare: 6 lap quilts, 25 wheelchair bags, 7 totes
Sheriff's Department: 12 bears Foster Care: 5 bears, 25 pillow cases, 12 bed quilts, 10 knit hats
Women's Shelter: 10 bears, 20 pillow cases, 5 bed quilts, 9 knit hats, 2 sweaters, 4 pair mittens.

Thanks to all of you who have been working so hard to supply our charities.

August Charity Committee Report. The charity committee is continuing to collect items for distribution to our many charities in Bedford and Franklin Counties. Last month, we collected 4 pillow pals, 3 lap quilts, 4 knit caps, and 3 pillow cases. Soon will be making distribution runs to Rocky Mount and Bedford to take items to them. Won't you consider coming along? Watch the newsletter or listen at the next meeting for plans. We always have such a good time. The response to our items is heartwarming, and we usually make an event of the trip and go out to lunch together.

Check with Katherine Lewis if you'd like to construct some more Christmas stockings. Alice Vreeland has pillow pal kits that need to be put together. We can always use bibs for the Bedford County nursing home, and the foster care people always need pillowcases to give to the kids. They use them to carry their meager belongings in, and they love the bright colors. Of course, the hospitals can always use an unlimited supply of bears and pillow pals. Once all the company goes away for the summer, get busy and put a few things together. Thanks for all your help.

June Charity Committee Report. On May 24 five guild members, Sandy Kelso, Alice Vreeland, Mimi McDermet, Marcia Wright and Betty Hatfield made deliveries to Franklin County locations. We met for lunch in Rocky Mount and finished delivering by 3:30. It was a very good day! We were met at every place with very OPEN ARMS. Everyone is extremely grateful for all we do for them. The need is great, and we were happy to have been able to help. We delivered 40 bears, 23 lap/baby quilts, 7 wheelchair bags, 26 pillow pals. Some comments: The hospital emergency room needs approximately 30 bears/pillow pals per month; the day we delivered the nurse gave a bear to a child that she said was "bouncing off the wall" and needed a bear! Foster Care needs pillow cases - they are very important to the children to have something of their very own for their "stuff". There is also a need for teen quilts and pillow cases. Franklin Health Care LOVES the wheelchair bags; in fact we observed one in use when we were there. We have kits for pillow pals, and patterns are available for bears. Please think about picking up some of these and making items for us to deliver. The heart quilt pattern is also available. Make a few blocks, and we'll put them together into quilts. Thanks for all your help! Keep up the good work!! Your Charity Committee

Charity Heart Block/Quilt: On May 7, Teena Livsey, Sandy Kelso, Sandra Ferguson and Marcia Wright met at Marnie's Shop for their first "official" Charity Work Day! Teena had done some homework so she has a quilt almost finished, Sandy worked on blocks that she took home to work on borders, etc. With the help of Sandra and Teena, Marcia was able to get 12 heart blocks sashed, bordered and almost ready for the quilter! See the May Slide Show for a photo of the heart quilt. The heart block patterns will be available at the Guild meetings. Members are invited to make ONE BLOCK! Next Heart meeting will be at Marnie's shop on June 4th at 10am until ???. Everyone is welcome. Call Marcia if you'd like to attend.

Charity News April: In April Katherine Lewis delivered to Bedford County 13 quilts, 17 totes, 47 bears, 10 pillow cases, 2 pillow pals, 33 bibs and 15 wheelchair bags.At the April meeting, we received three bears, one pillow pal, 9 lap quilts, 5 wheelchair bags, one knit cap and one pillowcase. We also received a donation of 25 pillowcases from the White Oak Mountain Quilt Guild near Danville. We really appreciate all that you have done, but we still need a lot of Pillow Pals, and we can always use the other items as well.

Charity News March: After our successful sew-in in February, we are well supplied with bears, having completed over 150 of them. We can always use more as the year goes by. In March, we had the following turned in: 8 bears, 2 pillow pals, 10 lap quilts, 9 bibs, 2 stockings, 2 sweaters and 6 knit caps. Thanks to all who made items. We really need pillow pals, since this is one of our most requested items. Kits are available on the charity table at every meeting.